Loyal Companions

Pets are very loyal companions that live with us giving lot of pleasure, protection and with playful nature especially like horses, cats and dogs etc. Pet keep is a symbiotic relationship where both animals and humans are benefited. In olden days people used to have animals like buffaloes, horses, donkeys, cats, hens, sheep, and dogs etc. for domestic purposes like guarding homes, carrying loads, and for agriculture purposes etc. They don’t have any other mediums like televisions, radio FM’s or any other social networking medias at that time to have entertainment. They used to pass the time with these domestic animals calling them their pets.

Dog is the first domestic species as per the history of pets and also called as the first pet. It is known for its loyalty towards its owner or guardian. They are almost like family members which are attached emotionally to the people in the family especially with kids. Now a days, having a pet has become a social status in the society depending on the breed of the pet. Pets are very good companions to humans and they also reduce stress for adults and makes children happy and active.

Pets are taken good care as they are member of the family. They can be well trained like how to behave at homes, public places and with strangers. For their well behavior’s, they can be awarded with pet treats like biscuits, bones etc. which can make them happy. Providing them with such treats can encourage them to follow good habits. Many varieties of pet treats in Australia from different brands are available in wholesale markets for pets now a days. These pet treats are imported from different countries also as people have imported pet breeds available at their homes. Wholesale pet treats can be less expensive when compared to buying individually. These treats are available in general super markets, Pet treats shops, and also online.

The pets treats that are available in the market consists of animal flesh which are died of diseases or infections. Such food treats are harmful for pet animals. It is better to serve them with natural food from home instead of buying from various wholesale pet treat shops. Right food can make them healthy, strong and active. We can get varieties of foods like cooked fresh and packaged frozen in the markets. They love to have human foods and it is better for them if that can be restricted. If you are looking for a wholesale pet treats, go to this page.

The maintenance of the pets can be done taking into considerations like animals habitat size, animal diet complexity, amount of exercise, training needed and the time required for cleaning the pet environment. Dogs require maintenance depending on their breed. It varies from dog to dog. But they are considered as high maintenance pets as they require proper diet, health care, regular exercise and cleaning to have a healthy and hygienic living environment. They also need training for behaviors to avoid biting, jumping and unnecessary chewing. Also regular grooming is required such as bath, haircut, hair brushing, teeth cleaning etc. Other pet animals like rabbits and large birds like parrots etc. also require high maintenance. 

Providing good shelter, food and care to the pets can give lots of love, affection and loyalty in return. They can show much affection towards the guardian and family. They can be provided with regular veterinarian observation in order to avoid unnecessary infections or any other health issues which make them healthy always. A healthy and active pet can always be an asset to the family who owns that pet.