Making Your Home Animal Friendly

If you are about to get a pet for your family, there are certain changes you might need to do in your home to ensure that it is pet friendly. For small pups and kittens that are inquisitive, it is necessary to keep small items out of reach. Dangerous items that could lead to poisoning or choking hazards need to be kept away from them. In order to keep them busy and occupied you would need to invest in toys for them. Training them in the use of the different rooms of a home is also necessary in the first stages so that it settles down well as a family member in the home.

Keeping small things away

If you have a pup or a kitten, it will be interested in biting into everything. If there are small balls or small items around or close to their reach, they are prone to chew it up. For that reason it would be necessary to keep these items out of their reach. To train them and quiet them down, you would want to invest in dog cages in Australia as well.

Keeping dangerous items away

Besides small items that can be eaten by them, they might feel like chewing up batteries or other items that include harmful chemicals that could poison their system. For these reasons, small and dangerous chemical based items need to be kept out of reach of these animals. These items could also pose choking hazards for them. Hence, one would have to invest in ute dog cages for sale to calm them down and to give them time out from time to time.

Making the premises safe

If there are lowered railings in your home you would want to install additional barriers as the pet can easily fall through the gaps. Use of boards would be safer than barbed wires which can harm these animals badly. Doors and windows should have stoppers on them, which makes them heavy to open and close. There should be grills and barriers in front of any open door or window so that your pet cannot easily escape outside.


It is not possible to keep moving things away from an animal and guarding them at all times. Hence, training the animal is very important so that they understand what the limits of acceptable and non acceptable behavior are. Training with a firm voice and hand is necessary for the animals to understand what they should do and what they should not. By repeating the pattern they will develop habits which will ensure that the animal will not venture into the toilet to drink water out of the pot or try to jump off from the verandah.