The Different Features Of Naturally Grown Food Items

Today the label of organic is given to several food items in the market and even cosmetic and clothing products. The term is used to signify items that are grown naturally, without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. There are no genetic or hormonal modifications made on these items. The label is usually given to fruits, vegetables as well as to eggs, poultry, dairy products and meat. In many countries those who grow and harvest naturally grown items usually sell their products under the organic label and they need to meet certain requirements or standards as set by the government.

Varying definitions

The definition of organic almonds and other naturally grown items differ from one country to another, as far as regulations and harvesting methods are defined. In countries like the US and Australia there are set percentages of ingredients in organic food items like meat. Hence, cows that are fed on organic feed less than ninety five percent cannot be sold under the natural label.

Natural processes of manufacturing

The processes used to prepare food items could also be labeled as natural as in the case of organic almonds. In certain cases food is ripened by artificial or chemical means or subjected to radiation. These items cannot be sold under the natural label. The definition of organic also differs from one country to another. However, for people who are interested in healthy items, they will want to know the way an item is grown or processed in order to understand how natural the process is.

Healthier options

More and more people are opting for natural food items as these are found to be healthier options these days. As most grains and other food products are grown with pesticides, opting for natural food items will help people to avoid the adverse effects of pesticide ridden food items. It is best to opt for fruits and vegetables that are grown organically so that these harmful side effects and chemicals can be avoided. It is also found that the level of vitamin and mineral content in these food items is also higher.

Costlier choices

There are certain problems of opting for naturally grown food and animal products at all times. Fruits and grains that are not grown with pesticides and chemicals to remove insects and harmful pests are costlier to produce. So are the dairy cow nutrition products obtained from cows, poultry and other animals where the animals are smaller as they are not given hormone injections as well as the milk or the meat obtained from them is less? As they are more costly to produce, it translates to more costs on the part of the consumers.