Which Dog Suits You?

February 28, 2019 Off By Matilda Symonds

Sharing a life with a dog has great benefits. It can ease up your mood, bring you joy, relieve stress and prevent psychological disorders. When it comes to deciding which dogs make the best pets, one should consider its lifestyle and environment. Having a dog, or any animal, in particular, requires hard work and commitment, as your dog will be relying on you for many years to come. So before rushing to get one, it’s important to think it thoroughly and evaluate which dog suits you. Here’s a rundown of the popular dogs as pets according to AKC or American Kernel Club.

1 German Dog

German Shorthaired Pointers have reddish brown, or liver and white distinctive patterns. Their dark eyes shine with enthusiasm and friendliness, and their legs are very strong that makes it possible to move fast and turn rapidly. They have fairly long droopy ears set tall on the head with long, wide and tough muzzle, letting them to retrieve even heavy games. Because of these characteristics that make up their overall look, they were described as “noble” and “aristocratic”. They are also made to work long days in the field or at the lake and is known for there power, speed, agility, and endurance.

2 German Shepherd

German Shepherd\’s are generally considered dog kind\’s finest all-purpose worker. They are loyal, confident, courageous muscular dogs of noble character and high intelligence. They can stand as high as 26 inches at the shoulder and when viewed in outline, presents smooth, graceful curves. They are originally developed for herding sheep. German Shepherd around the world is often one of the preferred types of breed for a lot of work including disability assistance, search-and-rescue, and assistance dogs. Good thing is that they are allowed to a better dog hotel.

3 Rottweiler

Rottweiler is known for their positive traits including being loyal, loving and caring guardian. They have a glistening, short black coat with smart rust markings and thickly muscled hindquarters. Others would call these breed as world-class guardians protecting the whole family. Training at a young age and socialization for them will harness a Rottweiler\’s territorial instincts in a positive way. They are way too scary for some poeple but there‚Äôs always a dog boarding Perth where you could bring them.

4 Poodle

There are three common groups of poodles: the standard poodle, the miniature poodle, and the toy poodle. They are bred in a variety of sizes and are determined by height and not by weight. There is still a debate whether they descended from Germany or from France. Their standard height is over 15 inches, while miniature versions are around 10-15 inches weighing around 10-15 pounds. Standard weight for males is around 60-70 pounds while 40-50 pounds for females. Their coats can either beapricot, black or white as welland they stand proudly among dogdom\’s true aristocrats.